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Not yet visible on the Garmin site, but can be retrieved through the webupdater: Zumo firmware version 3.30.

Changes from version 3.20 to version 3.30:
  • Added a user selectable Off Route Recalculation Mode
  • Updated Compass and Trip Computer displays to remember their last page mode
  • Enabled Bluetooth troubleshooting whenever a phone is paired
  • Allow volume adjustment when using a Bluetooth headset with audio option set to phone only
  • Added Lithuanian text language support
  • Corrected issues in Trip log archive support that resulted in 0 length files and false reporting of full logs
  • Corrected issue on Compass page that prevented it from displaying the heading
  • Corrected flashing on the Enter Coordinates page
  • Corrected issue that allowed the page key to escape from the pin entry for Garmin Lock
  • Corrected rare issue that could prevent proper startup when custom POI files contain a large number of bitmaps
  • Corrected problem ejecting on Mac computers
Automatic recalculation can be turned off!!
The bug of archiving is supposed to be solved.
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